“The Legion Remembers.
Before the stars that gave you birth were themselves born, the Legion Remembers.
When Republics rise and fall, when Empires wax and wane, when Federations cleave and crumble, the Legion Remembers.
Our history goes back to the Beginning, and endures for the Obsidian Emperor.
Your fate is to fight and to die for duty. If you are worthy, you will be remembered by the Legion.
The Legion Remembers."

This is a 5th Edition (Revised) Hero System super agents campaign, with a spacer military shamelessly stolen from the old Marvel/Dark Horse Comics Alien Legion, but with a twist: the Legion is the oldest military in the known universe, assembled billions (yes, billions) of years ago by the First Emperor, the Obsidian Emperor, to maintain the peace and stability of a young universe exploding with intelligent life.

Times have carried on, but the Legion endures, keeps to the Old Ways, and takes all comers. With a base that spans all galaxies with life yet claiming no sovereignty, the Legion is an ever-present faction in politics and war. History has shown the Legion serves its own goals, sometimes aiding, other times hindering (or outright opposing) local governments.

Character Creation and Player Background Info cover the basic “who?” and “how?” There is plenty of room for most anything or anyone to be dropped into the Legion.
Quartermaster’s List covers gear and equipment selection. Please keep in mind that as a “super agents” campaign, characters get 50 points (not out of their own base or disadvantage points) to spend on gear.


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