Mission Two

Mission Briefing:

  • The bothan and sesrani races have been in recurring conflict for over 10 years.
  • The bothans have maintained a defensive posture for the majority of the conflict, but the overall strain on trade and economic development is no longer acceptable to the bothans, and they have requested neutral-ground discussion with the sesrani. The sesrani position on the conflict is as yet unvoiced.
  • The sesrani have “donated” a derelict orbital (ore-processing) station to act as the neutral ground, the bothans have had opportunity to refit the station with expanded habitat tech and security. The station is in orbit of al’Seshsa, the sesrani world. The location is believed to have been selected by the sesrani as an opportunity to display the growing sesrani war machine in the face of the bothan request.
  • The sesrani maintain explosive population growth and technology almost single-mindedly dedicated to war and colonization. Unfortunately, their interstellar capabilities are limited to relying solely on a naturally occurring, fixed wormhole linking their homesystem with that of the bothans. Sesrani sub-light engines are primitive and slow. Their ships are brutal, lumbering, and rely on early energy weapons technology and mass-drivers. They have displayed no interest in moderating their policy of aggression, and until this summit would not even entertain discussion.
  • By comparison, the bothans are exercising a policy of hard-line rebuke: they have no designs on carrying out a full war against the Sesrani, but no longer wish to waste resources “guarding the gate from the pests next door”. Apart from the invasion that nearly destroyed their lunar colony, the bothans have bounced back, put defensive stations in place near the sesrani wormhole, and continued their exploration and trade with other systems. A moral movement among the bothans has called for an end to what have become “recurring gunnery exercises against living targets”. Until this summit, all diplomatic efforts to resolve this conflict have been unanswered.
  • Three Legion teams will be the security for the summit, with your team designated Beta. Alpha will set to the immediate security of the moderator, Beta and Gamma will see to general security concerns.
  • The summit will begin with the arrival of the delegates and continue until resolution or dissolution.
  • Bothan and sesrani delegates will be groups of three: the delegate, an assistant, and a personal guard.


  • Due to the summit location, heavy weapons will not be permitted, nor will explosives.
  • All prohibited gear must be kept in secured shuttle craft.


  • Bothans are furry mammalian anthropoids, about 1.5 meters tall. Hailing from Bothwai, they differ in facial appearance and body structure, with (feline), (canine) and (equine) features. Bothan culture is dominantly guided by the philosophy of The Way, the pursuit of power and influence: individual Bothans put their own political and economic success above all other concerns.
  • The sesrani have crocodilian features, though anthropoid. Their leathery skin is an effective natural armor, thicker on their heads and backs than their bellies. Their jaws are overdeveloped and brutal (like their technology), relying on force and endurance rather than finesse. Sesrani have two distinct subraces: (the big ones) and (the bigger ones). The former are the technicians, scientists, thinkers and engineers, the latter are the soldiers, the laborers, and the leaders. The former average 2.2 meters tall, the latter average 2.5 meters tall. It is believed they continue growing throughout life, but visitors are unwelcome (except as hunted sport) on al’Seshsa, so little is known of their culture and lifestyle (it is believed they have a caste system, reproduce in broods, and have a high mortality rate).
Mission One

Mission Briefing:

  • The planet designated RPD12232 is hours away from a regular, predictable event during which the native population (designation “Adra”, pl. “Adrai”) will be highly vulnerable to paranoia and destructive impulses.
  • This planet, “Adrak”, has six stars in an unusually predictable and stable cluster. The world sees three or more of these stars at all times, and experiences “night” once every 2048 years. Previous eclipses have led to widespread destruction of the native culture by fire.
  • The Legion has been monitoring this situation and has received word from an asset on-world that this cycle, foreign (offworld) influences aim to cause the extinction of the native population (leaving the world suitable to colonization and exploitation).
  • Foreign technology (a bioweapon specifically keyed to Adrai) has been constructed by the natives and is the most probable vector for these foreign agents, directly or indirectly.
  • If this world had reached classification R3 (first contact) we would make a standard insertion, secure the foreign technology, and neutralize the foreign elements.
  • The first alternate is not available due to a mechanical fault. Your team is the second alternative. The third alternative is orbital bombardment of the weapon site.
  • Your team will have a 12 hour window.
  • Your primary is to destroy the bioweapon. If you are unable to do so within the mission time, orbital strike will destroy the site.
  • Your secondary is to identify and eliminate the foreign elements.
  • Your tertiary is to recover the asset.
  • You are not authorized to make first contact.


  • You will be drawing additional resources including demolition charges and dropchutes.

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