Character Creation

Characters are built on a 75 pt base, with up to 75 pts in Disadvantages.

Being a Legionnaire takes a big bite out of your Disadvantages, leaving some room to add flavor to your trooper without getting caught up in the life he (or she) has left behind:

Subject to Orders, 14- 20pts
Watched: The Legion, 11- 10 pts
Distinctive Features: Legionnaire 10 pts
Reputation: Thugs & Killers, 8- 10 pts
Normal Characteristic Maxima 0 pts
(That’s 50 of your 75 disadvantage points right there! You could even stop there, and have plenty of points to make a very promising trooper!)

Anything linked to a non-standard humanoid race (physical or psychological limitations) would be appropriate for non-standard humanoids, but outright banned are Hunteds or obligations (whatever the source) from your pre-Legion days. You can carry the scars of what you’ve been through, or whatever led you to join the Legion, but that life is gone!

Non-standard sizes:
Legionnaires down to half (1m) or up to double standard height (4m) are built using Size Templates, not Shrinking or Growth (minor stages in between are welcome, too). For game considerations, lifeforms bigger or smaller than this are not available as Legion races. Bigger races’ Characteristic Maxima adjust up, smaller adjust down (ask if you want to go there).

Everyman Skills:
There are things everyone knows or knows how to do for free (0 points cost). This may or may not simply turn out to be more “free” points, or may be a good starting point for figuring out what you want for (or from) your Legionnaire: if you want a DEX-based Stealth roll, you have to buy the 3-point skill.
Climbing 8-
Computer Programming 8-
Stealth 8-
Weapons Familiarity: Projected Energy Weapons (PEWs)
WF: Short Blades (up to short sword length)
KS: Legion Protocols & History 11-
Language: Native (4pts)
Language: Galingua (2pts)

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Character Creation

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