Player Background Info

Characters are NOT green, fresh-faced kiddies turned out by a recruiting drive, they are very developed, very skilled, and very proficient in whatever it is they did either before or since they joined the Legion.

Their reason for joining can be anything. Maybe they were the latest entertainment-sim star and had had enough. Maybe they were an organized crime lieutenant looking for the better-than-Witness-Protection option for retirement. Maybe they were left behind by everything they cared about. Maybe they were looking for the next challenge. Maybe they were given the options of prison, death, or the Legion. Whatever it was, they are here now.

I strongly recommend not running up characteristics to the maxima and hoping to skate by on base rolls. Skilled means just that: they possess skills. I understand you guys don’t know Hero, and I appreciate any time you’ve invested on this idea. If needed, I can review or simply create your character’s sheet, but it will be a cooperative process. Cheaty Stuff

Skill levels:
Strongly recommended, as this can mean as little as “a really good shot with pistols” to “if it takes a DEX roll, it’s made”. Ususally cheaper than buying up raw characteristics, Combat Skill Levels (and Penalty Skill Levels) can offset minor shortcomings: a moderately well-coordinated Legionnaire (DEX 14) with CSLs and PSLs can end up with a Combat Value to rival a superhero’s!

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Player Background Info

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