Quartermaster's List

The gear issued to Legionnaires is standardized.

As agents, PCs do not pay Character Points for their standard gear load-out. They have a 50 point budget with which to pick from a standardized gear list. It is possible for PCs to buy extra gear out of their Character Points: this represents a significant (unsanctioned) combat-durable piece of gear and personal investment. (Where would Jugger Grimrod be without his wrist-o or mono-wire?)

The barest minimum a Legionnaire has to take from the list is the uniform. White hardshell armor, boots, greaves and belt over an insulating blacksuit provides the iconic symbol of the Legion. It also incorporates a communication device.
13pts Legion Armor

The ubiquitous HEL Gun is the standard weapon of the Legion, an energy pistol with sufficient punch to disable or kill most hostiles. Powered by readily-swapped powercells, the energy weapons have the advantage of extended unsupplied operation: the powercells will regenerate over time.
12pts HEL gun

When heavier weapons are required, the HEL rifle is often employed.
HEL Rifle

Heavy HEL

Some conditions (and in fact some troopers) are better suited to mass accelerator weapons: MAWs.
MAW gun

The versatility of projectiles cannot be understated in combat. The Legion often fields troops with these weapons when supply can be all but guaranteed to the combat zone.
12pts +1 per slot MAW rifle

Skilled shootists often favor the mission-flexible munitions of this projectile weapon, enabling them to lay down suppression fire, pinpoint kill shots, or even explosives from relatively long ranges.
15pts +1 per slot MAW sniper

Rough and brutal, MAWs are distinct. Scatter-shot loads have remained a mainstay for a reason: they work.
16pts MAW shotgun

Heavy MAW

The range of gear a Legionnaire might need and draw from Quartermasters can indeed be wide, from simple tool kits to back-up weapons or sensors.
Variable Kit

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Quartermaster's List

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